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Echo VR To Get Open Beta On Quest Before Launch

Echo VR To Get Open Beta On Quest Before Launch

The Oculus Quest port of Echo VR is taking a little longer than we’d hoped, but you’ll have a chance to try the game before you pick it up.

Ready at Dawn this week shared a roadmap on the way to release on the anticipated multiplayer game. It starts with the first Closed Alpha, which got underway at the end of March. This phase is aimed at testing high-level play. Then there will be a second Alpha test that will add more experienced players to the game to test public matches.

Echo VR Quest Roadmap

Following that, there will be a Closed Beta for those that signed up (which you can do right here). This will include Tutorials, VS. AI, the Lobby, and Echo Arena. Then, finally, there will be an Open Beta that anyone can join. After Beta testing is done, the game will finally be ready for launch.

Notably, the developer didn’t attach any dates to its roadmap. “This means if testing goes well on one phase, we may immediately roll into another phase as soon as we are able,” the developer reasoned, “or we might stay a little longer in a phase to further evaluate feedback and address issues to ensure we make Echo VR as fun and comfortable for players on Rift and Quest.”

Whatever decision leads to the smoothest final package possible is fine with us.

Elsewhere, Ready at Dawn is also working on the next instalment of the single-player of the Echo franchise, Lone Echo II. It’s due to hit Oculus Rift this year, and we can’t wait to see more of it.

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