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One Of PS5's Incompatible PSVR Games Will Be Patched To Add Support

One Of PS5's Incompatible PSVR Games Will Be Patched To Add Support

Around a month ago, Sony revealed a list of 10 PS4 games it has confirmed wouldn’t be backwards compatible with PS5. Of those games, two were on PSVR. But soon, two will become one.

Dual-wielding wave shooter DWVR will be adding support for PS5 via an update, developer Mad Triangles has confirmed to UploadVR. The team’s Victor Blanko noted that he hopes to have the patch live by the end of this month, though nothing’s set in stone right now. PS5 itself will launch November 12th in some regions and November 19th in others.

DWVR PS5 Support Confirmed

DWVR is a fairly traditional VR wave shooter, influenced by games like Doom. You dual-wield machine guns and gun down demons. All in a day’s work for the average VR headset owner. To play the game on PSVR you’ll need the PS4 Camera adaptor, which you can apply for for free if you already own the headset.

Sadly we haven’t heard if the other incompatible PSVR game, Crytek’s Robinson: The Journey, will also be patched to support PS5. Publisher Ubisoft has also called into question whether or not some of its PSVR titles, including Werewolves Within and Star Trek Bridge Crew, will be compatible with the console in a blog post that was taken down shortly after going live.

Backwards compatibility will be the only way to use VR on PS5, as new PS5 games cannot support Sony’s original headset. That means that PS4 games with PSVR support that are also coming to PS5 will not feature that support in the next-generation versions. These games include Hitman 3 and No Man’s Sky, the latter of which this week confirmed will offer the PS4 version to any PS5 customers, too.

Will you be checking out DWVR on PS5? Let us know in the comments below!

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