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Dungeons of Eternity Secures An October Release On Quest

Dungeons of Eternity

Dungeons of Eternity brings a VR co-op fantasy adventure to Quest next month, and early adopters will receive pre-order bonuses.

With pre-orders going live today on the Meta Quest store, Othergate revealed that anyone who pre-orders Dungeons of Eternity will receive three exclusive 'Prime Explorer' armor sets - Nova Warplate, Valkryie's Radiance, and Dreadstar Guard. You can see these in the new trailer below.


Announced during June's Meta Quest Gaming Showcase, Othergate’s Dungeons of Eternity is an action RPG that's playable solo or with up to three players in co-op. Using "realistic" physics-based hack-and-slash combat across randomly generated dungeons, you're tasked with overcoming puzzles and traps within hundreds of unique chambers, aiming to secure as much treasure as possible without dying.

Dungeons of Eternity arrives this October on the Meta Quest platform. Pre-orders are now open with a 10% discount, while an exact release date is still to be confirmed. During the initial announcement, Othergate confirmed free post-launch updates are planned that will introduce new chambers.

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