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Official Dungeons & Dragons VR Game Announced By Demeo Studio

Official Dungeons & Dragons VR Game Announced By Demeo Studio

Dungeons & Dragons will receive an official VR game.

Announced today by Resolution Games, the publisher is collaborating with Hasbro and Wizards of the Coast for an officially licensed Dungeons & Dragons VR game. The news follows the Swedish team's work on Demeo, the co-op digital fantasy tabletop adventure we previously named our 2021 Game of the Year, and last year's PvP spinoff, Demeo Battles.

“As anyone who’s played Demeo can guess, we’re incredibly huge fans of tabletop roleplaying games,” said Tommy Palm, CEO and founder of Resolution Games in a prepared statement. "Dungeons & Dragons offers one of the richest fantasy worlds that has ever been created, and it only gets bigger with every new sourcebook and adventure. We’re beyond humbled to have the opportunity to work with such an incredible IP and look forward to sharing the first details of this new project in the future.”

Though Resolution's upcoming game marks the first official D&D VR release, this isn't the only attempt we've seen to adapt Wizards of the Coast's popular tabletop game for VR. While Demeo and Demeo Battles take clear inspiration from it with some creative differences, last October saw Dungeon Full Dive reach Steam Early Access, offering a virtual tabletop that lets you create your own heroes and maps.

No further details were announced for this Dungeons & Dragons VR game, and platforms currently remain unknown.

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