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Dungeon Full Dive Brings DnD 5e To PC VR Later This Year

Dungeon Full Dive artwork

Dungeon Full Dive brings tabletop adventures to PC VR via Steam Early Access later this year, and you can sign up now for an alpha test.

Announced two years ago, Dungeon Full Dive looks considerably different from other VR tabletop experiences like Demeo. While the latter uses procedurally generated dungeons and preset characters, Dungeon Full Dive lets you build original maps and create your own heroes. Supporting up to eight players per campaign with crossplay support between VR and flatscreen PC players, you can play with a bird's eye top-down view or from your character's perspective.  

Elaborating further, developer TxK Gaming Studios confirms Dungeon Full Dive "will include game mechanics and stat integration for DnD 5e on launch," offering the ability to import character sheets and notes. The official website says you can play any tabletop RPGs that you want through this platform and, alongside creating your own campaigns, pre-built campaigns are also included which can be modified as you see fit.  

Dungeon Full Dive arrives this year on PC VR via Steam, and you can sign up for an Alpha test through the official website. As for Quest 2 plans, the website FAQ states "native Quest support is one of the first things on our planned feature agenda" after the full release.

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