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Dungeon Full Dive Is Like VR D&D But You Can Control Your Characters

Dungeon Full Dive Is Like VR D&D But You Can Control Your Characters

In Dungeon Full Dive you can roll dice and construct map layouts on a tabletop, then take over the body of your miniature on the battlefield in real-time. Here’s the first teaser trailer below:

Dungeon Full Dive

In the email we received the developer, TxK Gaming Studios, described Dungeon Full Dive as “the world’s most immersive VR D&D game” and you can certainly tell that’s the vibe that they’re going for here.

The two most exciting things I saw in the trailer are how you can teleport down into the body of your tabletop miniature, sort of like how you can possess the bodies of mortal heroes in Asgard’s Wrath, plus the ability to physically move around the props and alter the tabletop map in real-time. It seems like you won’t just be relegated to using pre-built layouts for maps and campaign stories, but will actually be able to physically alter and move around things like walls and buildings.

What remains to be seen is how robust the features are in terms of actually emulating the real D&D experience. I’ve been playing D&D off and on (mostly as a DM for new players) for years and there is a lot of complexity to account for. Will this simply give you the ability to look down at a map in VR, roll dice, and then pull up a window with your character sheet? If so, that was a thing five years ago in Altspace VR already. Admittedly, it also looks quite similar to Demeo from Resolution Games.

Time will tell just how innovative Dungeon Full Dive actually is, but they’ve got a solid teaser trailer showing the potential. You can visit the ‘Upcoming Project’ Kickstarter page here or visit the official website to get notified when they go live. We don’t know what their funding goal plans to be.

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