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Dreams PSVR Support Won't Happen At Full Launch

Dreams PSVR Support Won't Happen At Full Launch

The long wait for Dreams PSVR support just got a bit longer.

Developer Media Molecule today confirmed that its anticipated PS4 creation suite won’t support Sony’s VR headset when the full game finally comes around. Communications Manager Abbie Heppe confirmed as much to Road to VR over on Twitter. This followed yesterday’s news that Dreams will soon be ending sale of its Early Access version.

In the tweet, Heppe assured that the team was planning to support PSVR ‘ASAP’.

We’ve been following Dreams with great intrigue for some time now. The game was announced years ago, with PSVR support confirmed at multiple points throughout development. The flat-screen version of the title allows you to make your own games and share them online. As we’ve seen over the course of Early Access, launched earlier this year, creators can make some stunning experiences.

We do know that the PSVR support will allow people to play games specifically made for the headset. Based on what we’ve played of the traditional version, this has a heck of a lot of potential.

At this point, though, we have to wonder if Dreams will get support for the original PSVR or if Media Molecule might be holding off until the release of the unannounced PSVR 2 on the PS5 console. PS5 is out next year and supports backwards compatibility. One would assume that the console’s increased power would certainly help Media Molecule implement solid VR support into the title.

For now we don’t have a release date for the full version of Dreams but, again, we wonder if it might be closer to the release of PS5. Are you excited to jump in and start making your own VR games with Dreams PSVR support? Let us know in the comments below!

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