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Dreams PSVR Support: Media Molecule Paying EU Players For VR Testing

Dreams PSVR Support: Media Molecule Paying EU Players For VR Testing

As we await Dreams PSVR support news, some EU players will get an early look ahead of launch.

Developer Media Molecule is looking for a “limited number” of Dreams players in Europe to help test is upcoming VR integration. In fact, the developer is even paying £200 for players to jump into what’s described as a three-stage testing scheme over a two week period. Don’t expect everything to be finished, then, but you’d essentially be getting to play the game before anyone else and then get paid for it. Not a bad deal.

Note you’ll have to keep tight-lipped; everyone that enters the scheme will have to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), which means no sharing clips/impressions online.

Dreams launched earlier in the year, providing players with a huge toolset to make their own games and experiences. PSVR support has long been promised for the title and, following launch, Media Molecule teased that it was essentially finished. We’re not expecting to wait too much longer for the full thing, then.

As with the full game, Dreams PSVR support will allow players to make their own levels inside the headset. We can’t wait to test the limits of these tools; what we’ve played of Dreams so far suggests it could offer a revolution for home-made VR content. That said, it’s not yet clear how the game will brush up with the limitations of the aging PS4 hardware when you add the stresses of PSVR on top.

We’ll keep you updated with the latest Dreams PSVR support news, so keep an eye out.

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