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Dreams PSVR Support Launches As Game Goes On Sale

Dreams PSVR Support Launches As Game Goes On Sale

Today’s the day; Dreams PSVR support finally just arrived as the game goes on sale on the PlayStation Store. Perfect timing!

Dreams PSVR support arrives as a free update for the existing game. It provides access to the full game inside of Sony’s headset; you can make content inside VR but also jump online and experience levels and other creations too. The game supports both the standard DualShock 4 and PlayStation Move motion controllers.

Technically, all existing content in Dreams can be seen inside PSVR. But, yesterday, Media Molecule clarified to us that all content published before the update’s launch will be marked as ‘Non-VR’. To enable VR support, developers will have to check a ‘Not Sure’ label, which means that they haven’t tried it in VR but others can try it with a headset if they opt into that sort of content.

To mark a creation as officially VR compatible, creators have to try the content inside the headset for themselves first. They can then select label it to be played on both TV and PSVR, or exclusively inside PSVR. The game’s original campaign, Art Dreams, won’t be playable inside PSVR, though.

Don’t expect to see an explosion of VR-compatible content right from the off, then. But Media Molecule has built its own VR content for you to check out, as Creative Director Mark Healey outlined to us earlier this week.

Meanwhile, the game’s had 25% slashed off of its price on the PlayStation Store, taking it to $29.99. That’s a great price for a game that offers essentially endless hours of content to sample.

We’ll look to stream Dreams PSVR support today and have more coverage to come, so stay tuned!

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