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Dreams PSVR Support Is Still Coming Day 1, Media Molecule Confirms

Dreams PSVR Support Is Still Coming Day 1, Media Molecule Confirms

I know I might be sounding like a bit of a broken record at this point but I’ve been anxious to confirm that Media Molecule’s Dreams really is coming to PSVR when it launches on PS4. Thankfully the developer just reassured that that is indeed the case.

Media Molecule’s Alex Evans confirmed as much in this pretty brilliant 229 rapid-fire questions video from Game Informer as part of its month-long coverage for the game. Not only that, but the developer revealed that, in order to keep VR comfortable, people making levels for Sony’s headset will have to complete those levels themselves before they can publish them.

“That idea from Mario Maker where you have to complete the level? We’ll take that for VR, so if you want to push up a VR game, you’ll have to try it in VR,” he said.

In terms of framerate, Evans also said that the game runs “as far as it can”, though we obviously expect there to be certain standards for VR levels to hit. Online multiplayer also won’t be included from day one, but local creation will. We wonder if PSVR users and flatscreen players will be able to work together somehow?

Dreams is essentially a gamified game engine that allows players to make their very own playable content. We’ve written ad nauseam about how it could be PSVR’s most important games. Look for a beta to roll out later this year, though no word yet if that will support VR.

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