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Dreams Early Access Launch Coming This Spring, PSVR Support TBA

Dreams Early Access Launch Coming This Spring, PSVR Support TBA

Following the conclusion of Dreams’ Creator Beta, developer Media Molecule today revealed a release window for the anticipated PS4 exclusive. Well, sort of.

Dreams will launch in Early Access this spring. That’s right, Early Access. Studio Director Siobhan Reddy took to the PlayStation Blog to explain. This release will again be aimed at creators first and foremost. Reddy assured that “100%” of the tools the studio uses to make levels will be included, but some features will still be missing.

“If you participated in the beta and felt like Dreams wasn’t fully featured enough for you yet, or you wanted more Media Molecule game content, then Early Access might not be for you,” Reddy wrote. “We’re working on all those things during this period so that you have everything you need on your first day in the Dreamiverse.”

We’ve reached out to Sony to ask if the long-promised PSVR support will be included in Early Access. We haven’t heard back yet but we wouldn’t hold our breath; the Beta didn’t support VR either. Media Molecule has said the game will support VR from day one in the past, but is this really day one?

In PSVR, players will be able to create and play levels specifically tailored to the headset. But Dreams’ incredibly accessible toolset, which allows players to build entire games, could make this a hub for an exciting swathe of VR experiences.

The Early Access build will also be a “limited release”, which suggests Media Molecule will only sell a certain amount of digital copies. It’s set to be priced at $29.99, though it’s not clear if buying into the pre-release nets you the full game too.

Either way we’re excited to see Dreams finally rolling out on a wider scale.

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