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Someone's Remaking Dinseyland Rides In Dreams And They're Incredible

Someone's Remaking Dinseyland Rides In Dreams And They're Incredible

Two weeks on and people are already making incredible things with Dreams’ PSVR support, like these authentic recreations of Space Mountain and Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Forbidden Eye.

Dreams creator TheArmyofDos just released these amazing experience, based on the popular rides at Disneyland in California. But it’s not just a simple VR rollercoaster; its creators have gone above and beyond to authentically replicate the entire experience around each ride, complete with all the props in the queue and even a Disneyland map. Check out the Indiana Jones version in the video below.

Given the level of detail going into the pre-ride experience, it’s amazing that you even get to step onto the actual attraction. Sure enough, though, the full thing is there to race through. Forbidden Eye isn’t a rollercoaster so much as a themed tour, so no sudden drops of corkscrews to worry about for the light of stomach, but plenty of amazing things to see and play with.

And here’s a look at Space Mountain. Obviously, this one’s a bit closer to your traditional VR coaster.

The creator behind the experience isn’t stopping there, though. In fact, it’s taking votes on what ride to recreate next, including Pirates of the Caribbean, Splash Mountain and the Matterhorn. Lots of people are voting for the Haunted Mansion, though there’s already a recreation of Tower of Terror. It seems like a great way to experience the magic kingdom from home.

We’ve seen loads of great creations with Dreams VR so far. We think the game’s VR support is an unmissable playground of madness, though we wish the tutorials and creation tools were a little more VR-native. Read more in our review right here!

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