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Dreadhalls and Eight Other PSVR Games Release April 18th in HeroCade Bundle

Dreadhalls and Eight Other PSVR Games Release April 18th in HeroCade Bundle

When we first found out about HeroCade it seemed like the price to value ratio was perhaps too good to be true. Nine PlayStation VR (PSVR) games for $15 sounded ridiculous, but it turned out to be very much real. And now we know for sure that this coming April 18th, the full pack of all nine games, including two well-made horror games in the form of Dreadhalls and Sisters, as well as seven titles from Lucid Sight by way of PolyRunner VR, 405 Road Rage, Zombie Strike, Space Bit Attack, Gumi No Yumi, Alpha Turkey Hunt, and Jurassic Survival.

Interestingly, HeroCade is trying to also offer more than just a simple hub to access these nine standalone titles. According to a prepared statement from the company, “HeroCade is more than just a simple bundle. Rather than a hub where players select unrelated titles, HeroCade presents players with an underlying narrative––a mystery to solve. The titles of HeroCade may feature intuitive controls that make playing easy to learn, but only the dedicated will climb the universal scoreboard and unlock a history long forgotten.”

For more information about HeroCade you can check out the official website. The entire bundle will be available digitally on April 18th for PSVR for $15. We’ll have a full review of the bundle leading upt to launch.

What do you think of this strategy? Do you think packaging several smaller games together is a good approach for VR content? Let us know in the comments below!

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