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Dragon Quest VR Is Coming To VR Zone Shinjuku

Dragon Quest VR Is Coming To VR Zone Shinjuku

The latest beloved gaming franchise to arrive in Japan’s VR Zone Shinjuku arcade is none other than Dragon Quest VR.

While fans of this long-running Japanese role-playing game (JRPG) are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Dragon Quest 11 later this year, a VR spin-off is coming to the arcade that also features installations for series like Mario Kart and Dragon Ball Z. We don’t know much about the project save for what’s in the trailer below, which shows several players wielding tracked devices with HTC Vives on.

According to Gematsu, players will be able to select a class (Warrior, Preist or Mage), which will dictate what weapons they use in VR. You’ll have a chance to explore the series’ colorful world before taking on a boss named Zome. Dragon Quest usually features turn-based battles, so this will be quite a departure for the series. Sadly, there’s no word on if we could see it over in the west.

The game will launch in the arcade on April 27th and there’ll be a chance to become one of the first people to play it arriving later this month on the official website.

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