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Dragon Front Rising Revives Rift's Collectible Card Battler On Quest

Dragon Front Rising

Dragon Front Rising brings Rift's collectible card battler back once more, and it's available now on Quest.

Released last week with minimal fanfare, Dragon Front Rising is a new standalone version of High Voltage Software's now-delisted 2016 Rift and Gear VR game, Dragon Front. Mixing high fantasy with a dieselpunk aesthetic, you construct a 30-card deck with over 500 options to choose from, fighting across a 4x4 grid in the solo 'Conquest Mode' or through online multiplayer.


Dragon Front Rising also supports mixed reality that blends the virtual arena with real-world environments via passthrough. In a Quest blog interview, Design Director Micah Skaritka said the Rising update took six months to develop. They describe Rising as a "refresh with full focus on mixed reality and control updates," calling MR the reason for this new version.

Though it's not a confirmation, the interview also suggests future Dragon Front Rising updates are coming. "If this does well enough, we have another faction planned out, as well as more options for customization and some fun updates for living room battle damage in mixed reality," states Skaritka.

Dragon Front Rising is out now on the Meta Quest platform for $19.99. If you spent at least $1 USD on the original version, Meta confirms a complimentary copy of Rising will be added to your library.

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