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Dragon Front 2.0 Brings New Campaign, New Boosters and New Champions

Dragon Front 2.0 Brings New Campaign, New Boosters and New Champions

High Voltage Studios announced a major update for its Oculus exclusive collectible card game Dragon Front.

Update 2.0 is available for download today in the Oculus store. It will bring a new campaign mode, new champions for your favorite faction and new cards via booster packs. According to Dragon Front’s updated store page, the full list of game features now includes:

  • NEW! Single-Player Story Mode—Live the Conquest through the eyes of the seven factions!
  • Online Multiplayer – Head-tracking and VOIP brings players from all over the world head-to-head on the battlefield.
  • 7 Thematically Diverse Factions – Each army is equipped with unique powers, traits and strategies.
  • Collectible Cards – Construct your 30 card deck from over 460 battle-hardened soldiers, defensive fortifications that evolve the battlefield, and a wide array of spells.
  • Champion System – Legendary champions helm your army to ensure an epic come-back in the late minutes of every game.

The new campaign mode will offer not one, not two but six new challenges for you to play through. Your hard work will be rewarded with boosters that contain the updated new cards and champions.

In Dragon Front, a champion is a special, extremely powerful card that you have from the beginning of each match. Champions have a very high mana cost, however, and so usually can’t be brought out until the middle or end of a match. The abilities and power of these champions effect the meta of Dragon Front significantly and adding new ones will likely force high-level players to rethink their favorite strategies and deck builds.

Dragon Front is one of the few VR games right now that can be said to have a “hardcore” following of players. High Voltage has previously explained to UploadVR that their most committed players are logging in at least once a day and a very competitive scene has developed at this upper echelon of VR strategists.

Are you excited for Dragon Front 2.0? Let us know in the comments below.

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