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Skyrim VR Outsells Switch Version In UK Charts

Skyrim VR Outsells Switch Version In UK Charts

You probably knew The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim came to PlayStation VR (PSVR) last Friday; pretty much everyone with even a passing interest in VR was talking about it. But did you know the game also came to the Nintendo Switch?

Yes, Bethesda actually released two new editions of its classic RPG last Friday, both of which took the game in new directions. PSVR of course lets you explore all of Skyrim as if you were really there, while Switch’s hybrid design means you can in turn take the adventure on the go. Switch has been something of a hit since it launched earlier this year, so we were expecting that version to comfortably outsell the VR edition, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

As we reported earlier today, Skyrim VR was placed 19th on GFK’s UK games charts for the week ending November 18th. That’s pretty high up, yes, but the Switch edition of the game actually landed in 26th.

As we said in our earlier post, Skyrim was part of a huge PSVR Black Friday bundle in the UK, which knocked £140 off of the price of the headset and game together, while we haven’t seen any Skyrim and Switch bundles, so it’s likely this played a strong role in the VR version’s success.

It’s important to note the GFK can’t track digital sales, though, so it’s quite possible Switch’s digital sales turn the tide a little. And this isn’t any indication of how the game has sold in the US either, nor if either version sold to Bethesda’s expectations. Hopefully we’ll get answers to these questions in the next few weeks.


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