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Don't Look Down Is Like The Climb But With More Lava

Don't Look Down Is Like The Climb But With More Lava

Was Crytek’s The Climb just not dangerous enough for you? Clambering up to the top of a mountain with your own two hands was just a little too easy? Then Don’t Look Down might just be for you.

This new Rift and Vive game from developer Catapult Games is set to take the climbing-based locomotion mechanic that works so well in VR (see Climbey and To The Top for more proof) in an entirely different direction. You’re still climbing a mountain, but this time you’ll have devious obstacles like spikey drones, cannon fire and handholds that turn into lava (!). Check out the gameplay in the trailer below, complete with an applause-worthy musical performance.

It might not have the graphical splendor of The Climb but we think Don’t Look Down genuinely looks like a lot of fun. It reminds us of a great little game from last year called The Tower in which you dodged obstacles as a conveyor belt took you further up an enormous castle. We’ll be interested to see how much content the full version of Don’t Look Down will offer in comparison to that.

You’ll get to try Don’t Look Down for yourself on Friday when a beta version launches on The full game is currently planned to release in March 2019 on Steam and Oculus Home.

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