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Dogmented Reality 'Coming Soon' To Apple's New ARKit

Dogmented Reality 'Coming Soon' To Apple's New ARKit

A very good, 11/10 app may soon be heading to an iPhone or iPad near you.

The term Dogmented Reality was first coined for a 2016 April Fools gag from Meta, but now it’s very much a real thing for some smartphone users. Follow the Dogmented Reality hashtag on Twitter and you’ll find scores of people touring the world with virtual pets that sit in our reality a little like you’ll find in other apps like Pokemon Go. The problem is that, just like those other apps, these virtual beings aren’t aware of their real world surroundings. They’re just sitting on the screen as an overlay on top of the real world.

Apple’s new ARKit platform might be about to change that, however.

The Good Dogs Twitter account yesterday tweeted out that the Dogmented Reality app is “coming soon” to ARKit and iOS11. ARKit was revealed earlier this month, with some seriously impressive tech demos showcasing spatial awareness for virtual objects that will take apps like Pokemon Go and more to the next level. With ARKit, dogs in Dogmented Reality will actually be able to understand the environment around them.

As we reported yesterday, there’s also some very intriguing stuff being made with ARKit. The platform stands as a rival to Google’s new Tango platform for Android devices. Hopefully it will one day also serve as the basis for the long-rumored AR glasses from the company to compete with the likes of HoloLens and Magic Leap. That’s a far off future, though.

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