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Amazing Free VR Experience Doctor Who: The Runaway Hits Steam This Week

Amazing Free VR Experience Doctor Who: The Runaway Hits Steam This Week

Great news for Whovians and VR lovers alike; the excellent Doctor Who: The Runaway is coming to Steam soon.

A new listing for the short piece confirms a January 16th release. The Runaway is already available on the Oculus Store, though there’s been some confusion as to what regions it could be downloaded in. Hopefully this Steam release puts an end to any misunderstandings and also opens the experience up to HTC Vive and Valve Index users, too. It’s available for free on Rift so we’d expect that to be the case here too. We’ve reached out to the BBC to confirm all of this, just in case.

Update: The BBC confirmed to us that the experience is releasing on Steam tomorrow. Not only that, but it’s coming to YouTube too!

The Runaway is a great little short starring current Doctor Jodie Whittaker. Serving as an acting companion, you find yourself in the middle of the Tardis, helping the Doctor to care for an explosive teenage alien named Volta. Juggling Volta’s stress with avoiding pursuit from a police force hunting him down, you steer the Tardis to safety and wield the Doctor’s iconic sonic screwdriver.

The piece boasts wonderful animation and considered interaction, making for a wholly delightful 10 minute VR trip. Even if you’re not a fan of the show, it’s definitely worth checking out.

Sadly it was one of the last experiences released under the BBC’s VR Hub label, which shut its doors in 2019 while the wider organization continues to work on other projects. It’s not to be confused with Doctor Who: The Edge Of Time, which is a full VR game already available on Steam and other platforms.

Will you be picking up Doctor Who: The Runaway on Steam? Let us know in the comments below.


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