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DiRT Rally's Official Oculus Support Arrives Next Week

DiRT Rally's Official Oculus Support Arrives Next Week

When it comes to AAA studios embracing VR, Codemasters is setting a great example, and it will prove as much next week.

The UK-based developer, which specializes in racing games, has announced that official support for the Oculus Rift will be arriving in its latest title, DiRT Rally, next week. Experimental support had already been included in the game but the official integration will be available for free for those that already own the game on PC via Steam this coming Monday, July 11th. For those that haven’t yet picked it up, the game will also be released on Oculus Home, if you’d prefer to buy it there.

In preparation for the launch Nvidia has also released a new VR-specific driver for the game. You can download it now to ensure the experience is optimized for your rig and headset.

Obviously you won’t be able to tell how DiRT Rally feels in VR without trying it for yourself, but Codemasters has released a new trailer for the support all the same. It showcases some furious cockpit view driving, with twists and jumps that make our stomachs churn just thinking about. Still, Rally was already reviewed well across the board since its initial launch late last year, so this will hopefully be another great addition to the VR library too, though we’ll have a full review to tell you if it measures up.

Support for other headsets like the HTC Vive and PlayStation VR hasn’t yet been confirmed, but fingers crossed.

This actually isn’t Codemaster’s first dance with VR. All the way back in 2014 the company implemented experimental Rift support into its Micro Machines-inspired racer, Toybox Turbos. The developer seems to be fully ready to embrace VR, and with a successful F1 series under its belt and the recent news that it would be taking on DriveClub developer Evolution Studios, that’s great news for racing fans.

In fact, with Project CARS already available and Gran Turismo Sport set to support PlayStation VR, the genre has it made.

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