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Demeo's Third Dungeon Launches Next Month... With A Bard

Demeo's Third Dungeon Launches Next Month... With A Bard

Cooperative VR dungeon crawler Demeo is getting its third dungeon next month.

The third adventure is called Roots of Evil and launches on December 16. As with the last set of levels, Realm of the Rat King, it’s totally free for players that already own the game.

You can expect the game’s new levels to follow a different theme from the previous two adventures. Based on the artwork below, it looks like this installment might have players exploring forest environments. Roots of Evil will also introduce a bard to the game, though it’s currently unclear if this is an all-new class or a new mechanic that might offer players stat buffs in some way.

This will also be the first expansion to launch after the long-requested update to include a mid-game save feature in the experience.

Demeo earned a rare ‘Essential’ label from us when it launched earlier in the year. Whilst the turn-based cooperative game has some issues, we felt the social aspect really elevated the experience into something fresh. “Facing its brutish hordes with friends at your side is a thrilling, collaborative endurance test; defeat is met with entertained cries of anguish while victory — rare as that may be — is celebrated with the sort of group-wide elation you might have been missing in this tough past year,” we said in our review.

This isn’t all that’s new from developer Resolution Games. Earlier today the studio also revealed its next VR game, Ultimechs, which is due for release sometime in 2022.

Will you be playing Demeo’s latest set of levels? Let us know in the comments below!


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