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Demeo Is Getting Figurines You Can Paint (But Not Use) With Friends

Demeo Is Getting Figurines You Can Paint (But Not Use) With Friends

Demeo’s social hub, Heroes’ Hangout, is getting a new update that will let you paint figurines.

Sadly, you won’t actually be able to use them in battle.

Demeo Getting Figurine Painting

A recent post on the game’s Twitter account revealed the new feature, which will arrive in the next update for the Hangout. An image showed a user painting a monster down to tiny details. Given painting has become a huge part of real like tabletop games like Warhammer, it’s a really smart inclusion. A release date for the update hasn’t yet been announced.

But, in a follow-up tweet, developer Resolution Games clarified that you won’t actually be able to take these creations into battle. It didn’t given any indication that this might be a feature in future updates, either. That’s a shame considering just how promising the core concept is, but it’s still a great inclusion all the same.

Another tweet also suggested Heroes’ Hangout will be getting music via a radio in the next update. Elsewhere, we know that the game’s next major expansion, Cure Of The Serpent Lord, will arrive for both the VR and flatscreen versions on June 16.

Plenty more to come for our favorite VR game of 2021, then. Resolution Games is also busy maintaining Blaston with several new updates and recently gave us our first look at its next multiplayer title, Ultimechs.

Will you be painting figurines in Demeo’s next update? Let us know in the comments below!

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