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Demeo Finally Comes To Rift Store With Cross-Buy

Demeo Finally Comes To Rift Store With Cross-Buy

Own Demeo on Quest and want to enjoy the game with shinier graphics? Good news – it’s now available on the Oculus Rift store too.

The Rift edition of the game arrived alongside yesterday’s Realm of the Rat King update. Demeo was already available on PC via SteamVR but, with Rift’s arrival, Quest owners can download the game on PC at no extra cost. But what’s the difference between the two versions? Check out our graphics comparison video below for a quick look.

As you can see, you’ll get a few extra effects and higher quality textures, though the difference isn’t actually too big. But, if you have the PC to run Demeo you might not even really be trading off much to enjoy this version’s higher visual fidelity – AirLink would still allow you to play wirelessly and, even with a Link cable, the game’s a fairly stationary experience and it wouldn’t be too much of a hassle. Plus cross-play support means you can still play with Quest and SteamVR friends, too.

Rat King and the Rift version cross off two of the three big requests from Demeo’s launch, the last being adding mid-game save states. There’s still no word on when that will arrive, and a flatscreen version of the title is planned for the future, too along with yet more dungeons.

If you didn’t know, we think Demeo is pretty swell. “More importantly, though, it’s a near-peerless social VR experience, polished to such a degree that it transforms the kinks of its systems into enjoyable, suspenseful quirks,” we said in our 5/5 review. “Facing its brutish hordes with friends at your side is a thrilling, collaborative endurance test; defeat is met with entertained cries of anguish while victory — rare as that may be — is celebrated with the sort of group-wide elation you might have been missing in this tough past year.”


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