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Demeo's Flat Screen Version Releases Next April, PvP Announced

Demeo's Flat Screen Version Releases Next April, PvP Announced

Demeo’s third major campaign, Roots of Evil, is out today, but there are plenty more plans for the tabletop game in 2022.

Developer Resolution Games today confirmed that the long-awaited flat screen version of the game, simply named Demeo: PC Edition, will be released on April 7, 2022. As previously announced, this version of the game will offer cross-play with PC VR and Quest users, so it’ll be easier to get friends into the experience. This version of the game will also feature all the new campaigns and enjoy the same future updates at the same time.

Demeo 2022 Roadmap Detailed

Also due sometime in 2022 is a PvP mode. Until now, Demeo’s dungeon-crawling has been best enjoyed in co-op play with up to three other friends, but PvP will allow the players to face off with each other in new ways. Expect more details at a later date.

Finally, coming on February 24 is a player hub. Similar to the hangout space in Resolution’s Blaston, this will let players meet up in an expanded environment beyond the pre-game character selection board. You’ll be able to play minigames including a new arcade title named Hauntlet, and there’ll be options to customize your avatar there, too.

As for today, the Roots of Evil update brings a new forest environment with new enemy types and a Bard class that can buff other players and summon his own magical attacks. We’ve got thoughts on that right here.

We loved Demeo when it launched earlier in the year, praising its excellent social VR element. “Its turn-based combat isn’t especially deep and its difficulty stems from brute force,” we said. “But it is instantly graspable and endlessly rewarding even when the odds are stacked against you. More importantly, though, it’s a near-peerless social VR experience, polished to such a degree that it transforms the kinks of its systems into enjoyable, suspenseful quirks.”

What are you looking forward to seeing from the game in 2022? Let us know in the comments below!

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