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Demeo Is A New VR Dungeon Crawler From Resolution Games

Demeo Is A New VR Dungeon Crawler From Resolution Games

Resolution Games’ next VR title, Demeo, steps away from its roots in more ways than one.

The Stockholm-based studio is best known for casual, family-oriented VR titles like the recent Cook-Out: A Sandwich Tale or Acron: Attack of the Squirrels. Demeo, however is a turn-based dungeon crawling RPG. Little is known about the game just yet, but you can see the first teaser trailer below.

Demeo: Tabletop VR RPG Announced

It’s just a teaser clip, but it definitely reveals the game’s tabletop inspirations, promising a ‘virtual game night’. In a prepared statement, Resolution CEO Tommy Palm said the game will attempt to translate the classic tabletop RPG gaming experience into VR. “Demeo delivers everything you love about gathering around a table to slay monsters with your friends… without having to furiously erase mistakes from your character sheet,” Palm notes.

“In fact, when we first started sharing early builds of Demeo, more than one industry expert expressed their doubts that anyone could successfully pull off the transformation of such an experience,” Resolution board member and Demeo creative director Mike Booth added. “But then when they put the headset on, they were completely sold.”

Not only that, but it’s also Resolution’s first game that can also be played on standard PCs. You can play the whole thing with a traditional monitor, with VR instead being an option. Cross-play between PC and VR will also be supported.

Demeo is coming to Quest, Rift and SteamVR next year. We’ll have more on the game soon, so make sure to check back. Are you interested in checking the game out? Let us know in the comments below!

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