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Deep Rock Galactic VR Mod In The Works

Deep Rock Galactic VR Mod In The Works

The next VR mod to keep an eye out for is for Ghost Ship Games’ Deep Rock Galactic.

Brian Tate, an evangelist of the VR mod scene, revealed a first look at the project from developers Kosro, Herr Fristi and Alchemist, which you can see below. First released in 2020, Deep Rock Galactic is a cooperative shooter in which space Dwarves descend into procedurally-generated caves to take on hordes of monsters and gather resources.

It’s just a little like other recent titles like Back 4 Blood, but with a very different context.

Deep Rock Galactic VR Mod Gameplay

Footage of the VR mod shows extensive motion control integration, not just for aiming weapons but even interacting with items. The player pushes barrels and bobble figures as they also inspect weapons up close. You can see yet more videos of the mod over on the developer’s YouTube accounts, and we have another look at a full playthrough of one of the game’s missions just below. It shows combat and mining mechanics across nearly an hour of gameplay. Though work is still early, it’s looking promising.

It’s impressive work for sure, and we’ll be keeping an eye on its development. Currently there’s no word on when a full version of the mod might be out. If you’re looking for other great mods, then why not check out our personal picks for the best out there today? We also recently got a look at the new Resident Evil 2 VR mod, which is shaping up very well.

Will you be checking out the Deep Rock Galactic VR mod? Let us know in the comments below!

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