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Sun Shard Developer Showcases Impressive Oculus Quest Physics In Zombie VR Game

Sun Shard Developer Showcases Impressive Oculus Quest Physics In Zombie VR Game

Games like Boneworks and The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners have made impressive strides for PC VR gaming in the past few months with physics-driven combat that’s truly unique to the platform. But we all want to see these intricate systems realized on the standalone Oculus Quest. That’s where Soaring Roc Studio’s Dawn comes in.

Dawn is, in the developer’s own words, a physics combat prototype for Quest, inspired by Saints & Sinners itself. Right now, it’s a simple showcase in which players can toy with a few zombies, beating them over the head with a bat, chopping off limbs with an axe and even crushing them under shelves. Though early, the demo already showcases some versatile physics. Check out the compilation of clips below (which, we should note, is using placeholder sounds).

Soaring Roc Studio told me that, in its current form, Dawn is more of a testbed for ideas that will be integrated into its upcoming full Oculus Quest game, Sun Shard. That too is a physics-driven action game, though in Sun Shard you’ll be fighting other kinds of mythical monsters.

But that doesn’t mean there’s no future ahead for Dawn. Soaring Roc says it will release its demo in pre-alpha on SideQuest later in April. Later down the line it will also release an update giving the game a bit more structure, with objectives to complete. Missions will task players with scavenging for certain items to open up new parts of the world that will offer better weapons and tougher enemies. There will, of course, also be a separate survival mode. Plus there could be a Steam Early Access release on the cards.

That’s all to come, though. For now, we’re looking forward to getting another glimpse at Sun Shard, which Soaring Roc suggests will be soon.

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