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Dark Souls VR Mod Coming From Elden Ring VR Dev

Dark Souls VR Mod Coming From Elden Ring VR Dev

A Dark Souls VR mod is the next project from developer Luke Ross.

The mod was first revealed in a video from VR YouTuber, Beardo Benjo, which you can see below. Like Ross’ past R.E.A.L. VR mods — which include GTAV, Cyberpunk, Red Dead 2 and more — it allows you to play the game on PC in first-person with a VR headset and a gamepad.

Dark Souls VR Mod Gameplay

In the video we can see the From Software classic being played from the new perspective, exploring an early segment of the game. Combat still works as it does in the core game, with attack and defense animations playing out in front of you.

Fittingly, Ross’ last mod was for Dark Souls follow-up and RPG epic, Elden Ring. We thought it offered a really amazing way to take in the game’s world and the options included helped with comfort. Check out some of our own gameplay for the mod below.

If you want access to the mod when it’s released then you’ll need to subscribe to Ross’ Patreon campaign. Doing so will give access to all of the developer’s other VR mods. No release date for this one yet, but expect it to be pretty soon.

We’ve included Ross’ past work in our list of the best VR mods. If you’re looking for more great VR mods then you should definitely check out Praydog’s incredible work bringing games in the Resident Evil series to VR, too.

Will you be checking out the Dark Souls VR mod? Let us know in the comments below!

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