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Danger Goat Is Now Available On Windows VR Headsets

Danger Goat Is Now Available On Windows VR Headsets

When we reviewed nDreams’ Danger Goat for the launch of Google Daydream last year, we noted that the lack of positional tracking really held the game back. Well, now it’s getting that tracking. In fact, it now supports an inside-out solution.

Yes, Danger Goat has launched on Microsoft’s Windows-based Mixed Reality headsets, which is a little strange considering we never saw it release on the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive. Still, native releases for Windows MR are so few and far between we thought we should point it out to anyone that’s got one.

Danger Goat is a sort of trial and error puzzler in which you guide a goat around 28 levels trying not to get it blown up, squished or electrocuted. This is done my manipulating the world around you with a motion controller. We thought the game has a nice amount of charm, though it’s a little too easy.

The game costs $5.99. Meanwhile, nDreams is preparing for the launch of its latest VR game, Shooty Fruity, later this month.

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