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Danganronpa VR Is The First PSVR-Only PlayStation Plus Freebie

Danganronpa VR Is The First PSVR-Only PlayStation Plus Freebie

The weird world of Danganronpa might not seem like it’s ideally suited to PlayStation VR (PSVR), but we’ll find out if it’s a good fit next week.

Cyber Danganronpa the Class Trial VR is coming to Sony’s headset next week, according to DualShockers. The news was reportedly announced during a Spike Chunsoft press event at GDC 2017 this week. And that apparently means a western release; the game was already released in Japan and Asia and hits North America on March 7th and Europe on March 10th.

Not only that, but the game will be free for PS Plus members.

That makes Class Trial the first VR-only to be handed out on the subscription service, which offers members free games every month. Sony previously said that it was looking into free PSVR games on its service, but we’ve only seen Hyper Void, a game with optional VR support, come to the headset thus far. Hopefully this is a sign that the company is ready to offer monthly games now.

The free release is described by its publisher as a “tech demo”, so we wouldn’t expect too much from it. It sees you stand trail for murder with your other classmates, a premise that will be familiar to anyone that’s played the main games in the series in the text-based adventure genre. You’ll use “truth bullets” to find the real story by shooting through “suspicious statements”. It sounds a little crazy but, then again, the series as a whole is known for its wild characters, in-depth stories and general weirdness. It seems like this will fit that bill.

If it’s a demo, then it’s likely a short experience that will give you just a taste of what it would be like to live in the game’s world. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with that, we’d just like to see a full game based on the franchise.

And, yes, the series’ now somewhat iconic mascot, Monokuma, will feature. If you’re a fan of the franchise, then, you probably won’t to miss out on this one.

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