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Dance Central VR Finally Gets Fitness Tracker

Dance Central VR Finally Gets Fitness Tracker

Harmonix’s Dance Central VR is one of the best ways to stay fit with a headset on. That’s as true as it’s ever been with this week’s free update.

Dance Central VR just got an excellent new addition; a fitness tracker. We first revealed this feature was coming at our E3 VR Showcase in June. The tracker keeps count of all the calories you’ll be burning when strutting your stuff. You turn it on inside the experience and then it sits in clear view during songs.

Players can customize the experience to make sure the game knows their weight (which doesn’t change avatar appearance). It’s a pretty neat way to encourage you to keep going; it’d be great to see games like Beat Saber get a similar feature.

“As we worked on Dance Central, we started to realize that this game is perfect for fitness gaming enthusiasts,” Creative Lead Arthur Inasi told the Oculus Blog. “People who would playtest for us would always comment, “Whew! That’s actually a pretty good workout!” or, “Wow, I got more of a workout than I thought I would!” At the same time, there was more and more interest from the VR community for games that would provide light to moderate workouts.”

Elsewhere, Dance Central is also getting NPC challenges. Accept a challenge and you’ll face off with an AI dancer. Truly, we are in the future.

Elsewhere in Harmonix VR news, the studio’s Beat Saber-esque rhythm shooter, Audica, is due for release on PSVR soon. Dance Central, meanwhile, is available on Rift and Quest.

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