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Cyberpunk VR Mod Set To Launch Next Month From GTAV Modder

Cyberpunk VR Mod Set To Launch Next Month From GTAV Modder

Enthusiast VR modder Luke Ross says he’s working on a Cyberpunk VR mod, and it should be out soon.

PC Gamer reports that the mod is next on Ross’ ‘to do’ list after Pateron followers voted for the game in a poll. Ross, who previously released headset conversions of Grand Theft Auto V, Red Dead Redemption 2 (gameplay of which is below) and the Mafia trilogy, told the site that: “If nothing goes wrong, I’d say it should come out in January.”

Cyberpunk VR Mod In The Works

Ross’ past mods are still played with a gamepad over VR controllers, but allow for full VR head-tracking, making them the closest we can get to experiencing some major flatscreen titles in VR right now.

Cyberpunk 2077 will no doubt be an exciting choice for a lot of VR owners that expressed interest in VR support ahead of the game’s full launch last year. Developer CD Projekt Red noted on multiple occasions that it didn’t plan to include its own VR support for the game. Of course, any anticipation for official VR integration was drastically reduced after the game’s disastrous launch in late 2020.

Ross only provides his mods to his Patreon followers, so you’ll need to sign up there if you want access to this one. The developer’s tiers start at the £8 mark (around $10.60).

A Cyberpunk VR mod would be just the latest in an increasing number of titles fans are porting to VR of late. Work is progressing on a Resident Evil 2 VR mod, too. You can follow our list of the best VR mods right here.

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