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Crisis VRigade 2 Co-Op Multiplayer Support Arrives For PSVR

Crisis VRigade 2 Co-Op Multiplayer Support Arrives For PSVR

Crisis VRigade 2 now supports co-op multiplayer on all platforms, after the PSVR version of the game finally received the multiplayer update this week.

Multiplayer co-op mode was a big feature of the original Crisis VRigade, however the sequel launched with single player modes only. A few months ago, the developers announced that an update was coming to all platforms that added a multiplayer co-op mode, just like the first game.

However, as is often the case, the developers flagged that the update might take a bit longer on PlayStation due to QA approval times. As of today, the update is finally available for PSVR, meaning that co-op multiplayer is now available across all platforms for Crisis VRigade 2.

When we reviewed the sequel on release sans multiplayer, we said that “Crisis VRigade 2 still needs time to grow into a better, more feature-rich game, but if you’ve got the space and composure for an hour of street shootouts, it won’t disappoint.” Since then, four new difficulty levels were added late last year, as well as dual wielding and a riot shield two months after release. Now, with the added addition of co-op multiplayer, the game has taken significant steps towards a more feature-rich offering than it had a year ago on release.

The game is listed as in Early Access on Steam, with the developers noting that they wanted to add more features, incorporate feedback and add multiplayer co-op before a full release. With the latter of those fulfilled, it remains to be seen when or if Crisis VRigade 2 might leave Early Access.

Crisis VRiage is available for $19.99 on Oculus Quest via App Lab, PSVR via the PlayStation Store, and PC VR via Steam.

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