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VR Cop Game Crisis VRigade Is Getting A Sequel This Year

VR Cop Game Crisis VRigade Is Getting A Sequel This Year

Crisis VRigade was a modestly popular VR cop game. Well, I say ‘cop game’, I mean the kind of game where a lone SWAT soldier blows up helicopters with RPGs. Anyway, it’s getting a sequel in the near future.

Developer Sumalab’s Diego Martín confirmed the news on Saturday. He posted a brief teaser for Crisis VRigade 2. It doesn’t reveal much other than that the game is coming this fall to PSVR, Rift and Vive. Martín also confirmed that the game probably isn’t coming to Oculus Quest as the original was rejected for the headset.

Still, we probably know what to expect from this one. The original Crisis was all about setpiece shootouts, from preventing bank heists to taking down minions at the docks. It’s a brainless brawl and a tribute to high-octane action movies. Think less L.A. Noire and more Rambo with a badge. It won’t win any awards but it’s pretty well-liked amongst shooter fans.

The original game is still in Early Access, but Martín assured fans it wasn’t being abandoned. Another update adding a new mission is on the way. The same update may also add an online co-op mode. No word on when the update will arrive just yet. The game’s had a pretty steady stream of updates as is, with the last one coming in just last week.

We’ll bring you more on the game when we hear it.

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