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Creed: Rise to Glory Update To Add Iconic Rocky Character

Creed: Rise to Glory Update To Add Iconic Rocky Character

Survios’ excellent VR boxing game, Creed: Rise to Glory, is teasing a big update, adding at least one familiar face.

Yesterday the developer dropped a teaser tweet for the game. It teases a Rocky Legends update, which is ‘coming soon’. A picture of a virtualized Rocky rival Apollo Creed is included. Apollo is, of course, the father of Adonis Creed, who you play as in the main game. Creed vs Creed, anyone?

The name and picture suggest that at least one iconic Rocky character is coming to the game. We don’t yet know if Creed will be someone you can play as or straight up fight but we’d bet on the latter. Hopefully there’ll be some other famous faces joining the update. We’d love to fight Dolph Lundgren’s Ivan Drago and Mr. T’s Clubber Lang too. That said, the thought of playing as virtual Carl Weathers is an exciting one.

The PSVR version of the game already allows you to fight against a young Rocky Balboa. We don’t yet know if this update will bring that content to PC too.

We’re big fans of Creed, so the prospect of fresh content is welcome. In our review, we called it the “best all-around boxing game” yet released for VR headsets. The game introduces a phantom melee system that replicates effects like fatigue and stops players from spamming. It was one of three reasons that we handed Survios our 2018 award for VR Developer of the Year.

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