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Creed: Rise to Glory Has A Full Online Multiplayer Mode

Creed: Rise to Glory Has A Full Online Multiplayer Mode

We’re less than a week away from the launch of Creed: Rise to Glory, but developer Survios is only now revealing one of the game’s biggest features.

The boxing tie-in, which launches ahead of this year’s Creed II in cinemas, is getting an online multiplayer mode. More specifically, you’ll be able to enter the ring with total strangers and issue a royal beatdown in the middle of their face (or receive one if, like me, you don’t really know how boxing works). A Quick Match option will allow you to join up either with friends or with total strangers. Survios does absolutely recommend that your play space is entirely clear before you jump online, though.

This is a pretty big deal considering Creed’s main rival, Grab Games’ Knockout League, is a strictly single-player only affair (though it is getting a steady stream of new content). This could give the game some serious longevity. We’ve reached out to Survios to ask if multiplayer will support cross-player across the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PSVR versions, which would definitely help the community thrive.

Outside of online we’ve always known that Creed will include a full single-player career mode in which you’ll climb your way through the boxing world as Adonis Creed, taking out champions and training with none other than Rocky Balboa. Fights are fuelled by Survios’ new Phantom Melee Technology, which aims to convincingly simulate aspects like fatigue in boxing matches. We think the game’s shaping up to be a contender.

Creed: Rise to Glory hits PS4 and PC on September 25th.

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