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Counter Fight Ichiran Serves Up VR Ramen On Oculus Quest & SteamVR

Counter Fight Ichiran Serves Up VR Ramen On Oculus Quest & SteamVR

Oculus Quest and SteamVR’s latest cooking game sees you serving up steamy ramen.

Counter Fight Ichiran is available on both platforms now for $13.49 developed by Tricol. It’s the latest entry in the strangely long-running and VR exclusive Counter Fight series (which is up to its fourth mainline edition with multiple spin-offs such as this) and the first to reach Quest. Ichiran itself is a real life chain of restaurants founded in Fukuoka in 1960. In the game, you become an official employee of the brand and need to prepare the different elements of a dish and serve them up on time.

If you’re familiar with other VR games like Cook-Out then you’ll pretty much know what that means; keeping your cool as you assemble different dishes without getting your mind in a muddle. But Ichiran also judges players by the standard of presentation in their dishes. Check it out in the trailer below. Wholesome, no?

The game’s single-player only, with no multiplayer modes, which seems like a bit of a missed opportunity. Instead you’ll be aiming for high scores and taking in the atmosphere, which Tricol says has been authentically replicated for VR. If you’re looking for other VR cook-offs then we definitely recommend Cook-Out’s cooperative campaign antics.

Counter Fight Ichiran isn’t the only new Quest and SteamVR game out this week. We also saw the full launch of multiplayer VR shooter, Hyper Dash and a Quest version of horror shooter, Crashland. Are you going to be picking anything up this week? Let us know in the comments below!

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