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Meet The Cast Of Cosmonious High

Cosmonious High sees you travel back to school to re-educate yourself in the realm of VR. But what’s a school without classmates?

Today on Upload Access we’re meeting the cast of Owlchemy’s newest VR game. We’ve got detailed rundowns of all the new friends you can expect to work with during class and hang out with as you move between the halls. Read on for exclusive character bios for your new classmates.


Fren hails from the Bipid homeworld, Boptune. The chaos at Cosmonious High might be intense, but so is a homeship packed with a dozen or so siblings. She can handle the heat of the hottest sauces and is the Fren-liest kid in school!


Blort’s a fun-loving flan who will happily help you through Cosmonious High: from still lifes in Visualetics to singing in Auditoriology. But their true love is the Sports Dome… or at least, that’s where he hangs out…


Blipping into Cosmonious High, we have Speks, a pandimensional Trisk! Speks is hyper, friendly, forgetful, fun-loving, fated to save the world, and did I say ‘friendly’ already? When she’s not doing homework or fending off the Doomfather, she’s happy to help!


Meet the Captain of the Cosmo Comets! 🏆  Sprinting into our hearts, we have Honk: Cosmonious High’s star planetballer! Don’t let his great arms and stunning flame-like hair intimidate you. Honk is the sweetest jock that ever chucked a planetball through a hoop.


Meet Gleg, our resident lovable nihilist. There’s no one better for a haigoo or an existential crisis. Gleg doesn’t really like anything, but if it means you’ll leave him alone then he likes dronecore and solitude… ☠️

Li Tahn

Here’s Li Tahn, bringing us artistic chill vibes… 🎨 If you’re looking for her, check the Visualetics classroom. Grab a cup of coffeen and settle in for a chat about the blop art movement. It’s hard to phase Li Tahn, which makes her a calm center in the chaos at Cosmo High.


Your class president is present to make sure your first day is perfect! Penk is a model student with strong color coordination skills, and the biggest UltraViolett stan at Cosmo High.


Zanesha enjoys making up stories, not being in class, leading the occasional student revolution and pretending she’s a detective. She may or may not have a lair. With her around, it’s never just an ordinary day at alien space school.


If you want to know about blebs, then Xip is your Trisk! They know everything there is to know about these little cuties – from blebanas to blebbles to blattés! Annnnd they know how to get out of playing planetball without Coach Leti noticing. 😉


This flan without a plan is running for class president. Known for a flatulent sense of humor, they are the main purveyor of pranks at Cosmo High. Just don’t ask anyone about the Oogcident…


Prax is the obvious choice for Cosmonious High’s next class president. He’s organized, detail-oriented, and disapproves of chaos in all forms. You’ll find him in class or running a bake sale, stocked with cookies made by his dads.


Last, but certainly not least, is Jalam! Jalam’s a diamond ranked Pirates of the Gooniverse player, looking for a nemesis to make her life at Cosmo High remotely interesting. Her sarcastic exterior hides a heart of gold, but… don’t tell her we said so.

Cosmonious High is out on Quest 2 and PC VR on March 31. We’ve got plenty of coverage of the upcoming VR game as part of Upload Access, and check back next week when we discuss the history of Owlchemy Labs.

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