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Corsair's Curse Is A VR Arcade Adventure From A Fisherman's Tale Dev

Corsair's Curse Is A VR Arcade Adventure From A Fisherman's Tale Dev

A Fisherman’s Tale developer Innerspace VR is back with a brand new title. What, already? Well, Corsair’s Curse is likely a little different to what you’re expecting.

Rather than a direct follow-up to its January release, Corsair’s Curse is a VR arcade title. Today, Arizona Sunshine creator Vertigo Games announced that it would be distributing the game through its own arcade platform in spring 2019. Vertigo also published A Fisherman’s Tale at the beginning of the year.

Corsair’s Curse is designed for two to four players. Participants can physically walk around a large open area as they work together in VR. It features a lot of traditional escape room-style puzzle solving, though it also borrows from A Fisherman’s Tale a little. Some players, for example, will be much bigger than others, requiring new approaches to puzzle solving. You can see the announcement trailer for the experience above.

Vertigo Arcades was launched last year as a means of bringing VR hardware and software to locations around the world. Currently the platform features a content launcher named the VR Arcade Suite. It provides developers with the tools to easily integrate arcade-specific features like new tracking systems and mixed reality functionality into their games. The company also launched a location-based version of Arizona Sunshine through the Arcades division.

Corsair’s Curse, meanwhile, is set to be on show at GDC later this month. We’ll be interested to check it out; A Fisherman’s Tale is one of our favorite VR games of the year so far and its puzzles in particular are something special.

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