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Cook-Out: A Sandwich Tale Is Coming To SteamVR Soon

Cook-Out: A Sandwich Tale Is Coming To SteamVR Soon

Resolution Games will soon be serving up a sumptuous treat on SteamVR – Cook-Out: A Sandwich Tale is making its way onto the platform.

The studio today confirmed that the VR party game will be arriving on Valve’s digital storefront within the next few months. No final date yet, but it will feature native support for Index, Vive and Rift. Previously the game was only available on Quest and Facebook’s own PC VR store.

Cook-Out is essentially Overcooked in VR; up to four players team up to take on a story that sees them chopping, grilling, washing and more to serve hungry customers as quickly as possible. The game is entirely based around sandwiches, getting players to neatly stack up servings and work together to pass ingredients.

We think the game is a lot of fun, naming it Resolution’s best game yet in our 4/5 review.

“Cook-Out has all the ingredients for a good time in social VR, then, even if it isn’t especially original,” we said. “A hectic, multi-hour campaign anchors some of the most engaging, demanding and frantically brilliant party gameplay you’ll find in VR. I wish it had gone deeper with its best ideas and embraced the platform more holistically, but you won’t find a better tribute to Overcooked anywhere else inside a headset.” The Steam page can be found right here.

Resolution has a busy 2021 coming up, having just announced a new tabletop game for VR and PC, Demeo. It’s also coming to Oculus Quest, and you can expect to see more of it in the coming weeks and months.

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