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PSVR-Supported Concrete Genie Is Free On PS Plus From Today

PSVR-Supported Concrete Genie Is Free On PS Plus From Today

It’s not often that Sony’s PlayStation Plus service gives out PSVR-enabled games, so it’s worth pointing one out today.

Concrete Genie, a super-sweet PS4 game from 2019, is one of February’s free games, and is available to download now. It’s a fantasy adventure game in which a young protagonist brings his gloomy town back to life with artistic vibrance whilst also avoiding bullies. As you paint on walls, creatures come to life and help you reach new areas.

Concrete Genie Free On PS Plus

The game doesn’t support PSVR across its entire campaign but instead offers an additional few modes that turn it into a first-person experience. It only takes 30 minutes to play through and just sees you using the Move controllers to trace out paintings and augment an environment around you. But, hey, it’s free and easy on the eyes, so worth the quick diversion from your usual gaming schedule. Plus the main game is something of a treat.

Hopefully we might see more PSVR titles coming to PS Plus as the headset grows older. Games like Firewall have already featured in past months. But many of PSVR’s best games like Blood & Truth and Astro Bot would make for fine additions to the monthly offerings, especially while we wait on Sony for news about a possible PSVR 2 for the PS5. You can catch up with everything we know about PSVR 2 right here.

Will you be checking out Concrete Genie’s PSVR support this week? Let us know in the comments below!

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