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Compound Is Getting A Quest 2 Version, Too

Compound Is Getting A Quest 2 Version, Too

Not only is excellent VR shooter, Compound, getting a full PC VR release soon – it’s coming to Quest 2, too.

Developer Bevan McKechnie confirmed as much to UploadVR following the reveal of last week’s news that the full version of the game was nearing release on Steam. Currently there’s no official timeline for when this version will be fully revealed and released, but stay tuned.

Compound Confirmed For Quest

The 1.0 release of Compound will round out the randomized, retro-influenced shooter with overhauled reloading, a new weapon and plenty of other additions.

The game is inspired by early shooter hits like Wolfenstein 3D. We’ve been keeping our eye on this one for some time thanks to the hugely enjoyable early builds that demonstrated smart VR combat and immersive design. “This is a VR shooter with a rejuvenating sense of direction and an understanding of how to keep players rooted in the action,” we said in a 2018 (!) preview. “Compound may be a nostalgia-fueled love letter, but it’s got a lot to learn from.”

We’ll make sure to have a full review when the game leaves early access later this year.

Will you be picking up Compound on Quest 2? Let us know in the comments below!

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