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Watch Colin Farrell Voice VR In Gloomy Eyes Behind-The-Scene Video

Watch Colin Farrell Voice VR In Gloomy Eyes Behind-The-Scene Video

Did you know Colin Farrell was the star of a VR app? Well now you did, and this new video for affectionate VR series, Gloomy Eyes, proves it.

Gloomy Eyes — which won big at last year’s Raindance Awards — is one of the latest creations from Atlas V and 3dar. It tells the story of a young zombie boy who falls for a human girl in a world that, for self-explanatory reasons, doesn’t want them to be together. Assuming the role of a gravedigger, Farrell narrates the experience, which plays out in diorama-sized scenes you can lean into using your VR headset.

In this video, released as part of HTC Vive’s Viveport Developer Stories series, Farrell can be seen in the VO both, playing his part. Not only that but he shares his take on working on the experience.

“Because [it’s] a VR experience,” Farrell says, “they’ve been able to just keep it about the purity of the story in a way that sometimes in feature film gets compromised because of the scale, sometimes, of things or the amount of people involved.”

There’s also an intriguing look into the piece’s music and other elements. Overall it’s a pretty eye-opening peek behind the scenes at what does into current VR movie-making.

Gloomy Eyes is now available as a three-part series, exclusively on Viveport. Viveport Infinity subscribers can get it as part of the service. Note that this doesn’t mean you have to watch it with Vive; Viveport also supports Rift, Index, Oculus Link and Windows VR headsets too.

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