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Chronos Gets An Oculus Touch Update This Week

Chronos Gets An Oculus Touch Update This Week

Last week we reported that Rift-exclusive Insomniac Games’ Edge of Nowhere was finally getting native support for Oculus Touch. In that story, we pointed to Gunfire Games’ Chronos as one of the few remaining titles we wanted to see get similar support. Well, we didn’t have to wait long.

Touch support will be coming to Chronos on November 17th (yes, that’s this Friday). To be clear; this doesn’t mean the game is getting motion controls, rather the various buttons on your Touch controllers are being reworked to make the game a natural fit, much like Playful Corp did for Lucky’s Tale earlier in the year.

Oculus had previously introduced a feature that would automatically map gamepad game’s buttons to Touch but, now that the Xbox gamepad is no longer bundled in with the Rift, it’s more important than ever that Touch works smoothly with some of Rift’s key launch titles.

If you haven’t yet played Chronos, this is the perfect chance to do so; we gave the game 7/10 in our launch review. “While Chronos doesn’t quite redefine how third-person action roleplaying games are played, it’s an engaging and well-made entry for a new medium that’s lacking in robust gaming experiences,” Games Editor David Jagneaux said. “And while Chronos may be the only real Rift launch game with more than a couple hours of singleplayer content, it’s still a good game in its own right with plenty of compelling ideas to keep you pushing through to the very end.”

Meanwhile, Gunfire Games’ next big Rift epic, From Other Suns, also launched today.

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