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Check Out The First Images Of Mario Kart VR

Check Out The First Images Of Mario Kart VR

Bandai Namco had a very non-E3 surprise for us yesterday, announcing new additions to its VR Zone arcade in Tokyo, Japan that included a Mario Kart VR titles running on the HTC Vive. Now new images of the experience have surfaced.

Bandai Namco provided us the four new images following the reveal. Two of them are in-game screenshots, which show classic Mario Kart Arcade GP gameplay ported into VR with a first-person view. We especially like the image above of a green shell about to be launched in the direction of an unsuspecting Wario. Poor him.

We’ve also got the banner for the game, which is a little crazy, and a look at the four cockpits that players will sit in. This new experience should be integrated into VR Zone in Shinjuku on 14th July. Reservations to attend the limited event will open on Friday June 16th.

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