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Check Out Dicke Wilde's Crazy Brand Of Weapons In New Gameplay

Check Out Dicke Wilde's Crazy Brand Of Weapons In New Gameplay

Launching this Thursday, Bolverk Games’ Dick Wilde is first and foremost a wave-based VR shooter. Yes, I know we’ve seen plenty of those, but what separates this one from the rest is the imaginative assortment of weapons players will wield. Today, we’re going to show you them.

Dick Wild is a pest control veteran, that is brought in to deal with dangerous beasts in swamps and oceans. To help him finish the job, he’s got a huge arsenal filled with things that shoot, stab and explode.

Electric Bow

Any VR owner should be used to the trusty bow and arrow by now, but Dicke Wilde’s take on the weapon lets you shock enemies with electricity.

Grenade & Missle Launcher

A grenade launcher for clearing out swamps might seem like overkill, but it certainly gets the job done. One hand fires while the other detonates.

Harpoon & Sawblade Rifles

Harpoon guns might be a more traditional way to taking out fish, but sawblades aren’t. These make us feel a little sorry for anyone that’s on the wrong end.

Nail Guns

A good ol’ fashioned nail gun more than does the trick when it comes to gunning enemies down. Especially if there’s two.

Paintball Guns

These are effectively Dick Wilde’s machine guns, spurting out paintballs at a fast rate to take care of sharks and crocodiles asap.


If you’re looking for something that packs a little more punch then these two revolvers should do the trick.

Shotgun & Shield

If you’re getting overwhelmed by the enemy then the shield that accompanies the shotgun should give you a helping hand while you blast away.

Dick Wilde launches on Oculus Rift and HTC Vive on March 30th for $19.99. A PSVR version is expected later down the line.

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