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A Chair In A Room Dev Wolf & Wood Returns With VR Thriller The Harbinger Trial

A Chair In A Room Dev Wolf & Wood Returns With VR Thriller The Harbinger Trial

A Chair in A Room: Greenwater [Review: 8/10] is arguably one of the definitive VR horror games available today, even considering the release of games like Resident Evil 7 [Review: 9/10]. It was a darkly disturbing psychological piece that aimed for much more sophisticated scares than your average monster closet. For those brave enough to tackle it, we have good news; the developer has more coming.

Wolf & Wood, the UK-based studio behind the game today released the first installment of The Harbinger Trial, an episodic psychological thriller series for the Gear VR. The series casts players as Dr. Albert Milgram, a respected psychologist that relives the memories of his patients as part of an experimental trial. Each episode tells the story of one of these patients, viewed through Milgram’s eyes.

You can take a look at the first gameplay for the title below.

Every patient has critical evidence to provide in a criminal investigation, but is so psychologically disturbed that they won’t speak out. By investigating their minds, you can extract that information without them having to testify.

Gear VR isn’t where many would have expected Wolf & Wood to work next after releasing a full room scale game on the HTC Vive. Speaking to UploadVR, studio director Ryan Bousfield explained that the move, “is really because I’ve got a ton of ideas for short horror stories and [Gear VR] seemed like a good place to put something out that we could build upon incrementally. I already have the full story arch written for Dr. Milgram (the central character in the hospital) but the patients stories and the scenarios they introduce to Milgram are still being written so I can keep the ideas fresh and surprising for each new episode.”

The first episode — or Case, as they’re called — is titled The Missing Woodland Girl, and it’s available for free. More episodes will be available to purchase later this year.

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