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CES 2018: Blade Runner: Revelations Is An All-New VR Adventure Game

CES 2018: Blade Runner: Revelations Is An All-New VR Adventure Game

We’ve had a taste of the Blade Runner universe on the Oculus Rift and Gear VR already, but Google and Lenovo’s new Mirage Solo is getting a full on adventure game based on the series.

Blade Runner: Revelations, as the game is called, was revealed today alongside Lenovo’s new Daydream-based standalone VR headset. Developed by Seismic Studios and published by Alcon Media Group, the game is set in 2023 (4 years after the events of the original film and 26 years before its sequel) and casts you as a seasoned Blade Runner who hunts down self-aware cyborgs known as Replicants.

Using the tools afforded to you you’ll search for evidence and fend off enemies as you unravel an all-new mystery.

Interestingly, it’s designed to utilize the headset’s new WorldSense positional tracking, though a press release states the game is ‘best played’ this way. We don’t yet know if it will release on the standard Daydream platform on smartphones but we’ve reached out to Alcon to confirm.

As mentioned above, this isn’t the first Blade Runner experience to release in VR. Shortly before the launch of last year’s Blade Runner 2049 the Oculus and Turtle Rock Studios released a short Gear VR app that put players in a high-speed car chase, while the recently-released Memory Labs used photogrammetry to bring characters to life inside VR. As cool as those experiences are, we’re excited for a full VR game set in the universe. Sadly there’s no release date for the app yet but look for it around the same time the Mirage Solo launches.

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