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Carrier Command 2 Gets VR Support, Launches Next Week

Carrier Command 2 Gets VR Support, Launches Next Week

Carrier Command 2, a sequel to the classic 1988 videogame, is launching next week with full VR support.

The original Carrier Command saw players command an aircraft carrier and manage vehicles from those headquarters. Developed by Geometa, Carrier Command 2 retains that core concept but brings the game into a full 3D world and includes new single and multiplayer options. You’ll take control of the carrier’s systems, gathering intel as you send vehicles out into the world around you.

Eventually, you’ll have enough information to launch attacks, which you can take part in yourself. Check out a trailer for the VR version below.

VR support was revealed for the game in late July (though a listing in the last Steam Festival let the cat out of the bag early). This will be a completely free extra to anyone that buys the game and lets you access the entire experience inside a headset. VR controller support is included and there are also PvP battle options as well as a fully cooperative campaign.

“While VR was not originally in our roadmap, the literalism of the diegetic interfaces within the game has made it very easy to introduce VR to Carrier Command,” the developer said of the VR support on Steam, “this is the same game, with the same balance and same mechanics!”

Carrier Command 2 launches on August 10. Specific headset support hasn’t been specified just yet.

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